Getting Ready for 2015! Confession #8

This has been a pretty good week. I still am trying to squeeze in formal workouts, but it’s not happening. 😦

I’ve been working hard for my church, running around with my nieces and nephews, and finalizing my move. While all that running definitely makes me feel like I’ve worked out, I don’t know how many calories it burned. But on a positive note, I feel like I did an amazing job keeping my calories in check this week…even with Christmas. I maintained the plan to eat light in the morning and sample all the good stuff for Christmas. Thankfully, my Christmas dinner was pretty healthy…but there were some delicious sugar cookies and sweet potato pie!

It feels a bit redundant, but I am working on a plan. My last day moving is Wednesday and January 1 looks promising for a fresh start. I’ve got my running gear ready, water bottles out, and a whole lot of support behind me. I know that my food is only half the battle, and Thursday is looking like the beginning of the second half.

More confessions to come!



On the Move! Confession #7

December has been a hard month to get these workouts in! I’ve managed to sneak in a Sworkit 10 minute workout here and again, but it has been tough. I’m almost finished moving, and I feel pretty confident that when that process is over I can get back to a routine.

I’ve learned that planning…and I mean good planning, is essential to being successful in this workout. I’ve found that I’m ok with making these quick food decisions and hoping that my calorie guesstimate is accurate. I’ve also learned that I go between searching for comfort food and not eating when I’m stressed out. It’s a roller coaster that I do not enjoy riding at all…but, I found a healthier comfort food! It’s an ice cream that’s diabetic-friendly, and thus diet friendly…Breyers Carb Smart ice cream. I believe it only comes in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors, but it doesn’t disappoint! It’s 120 calories per 1/2 cup serving and for us diabeticals, it’s only 14 grams of sugar. Yum!!!

While I’m not happy that I haven’t got a real workout in for a while now, I am happy with my food choices. I am also happy to report that those biometric results I wrote about last week were an incredible improvement from my last 3 month visit. My A1C came down almost a full point, from 7.9 to 7.1. That’s incredible, especially considering those are numbers you can’t fake by fasting the day before! So, with that great news and my willingness to stick to the diet, I feel confident. I’ve got a few boxes left to move, a pilot light to get repaired in my new apartment (I’ve got no heat or hot water…sigh), and a vision to write for 2015.

The best is yet to come! More confessions to come!


Doing Better! Confession #6

I had a pretty good week! My birthday was amazing, and I did really well with my food this week. Now, I’ll readily admit it’s hard to say no to myself when it comes to food. But, this week I did a lot of compromising with myself. Like for my birthday, I knew I was going to dinner and I didn’t know what was going to be on the menu, but I was sure that I wanted to indulge a little. Especially since I was there with a handsome man! So, I made sure that I had a breakfast that was light, but packed with energy. It was the same scenario for lunch too.

As for exercise, there was no formal exercise this week. I am in the process of moving, so there’s a lot of cleaning and moving heavy boxes going on. But, I really feel like I need to squeeze some more formal exercise in. So, this week I am refining my workout plan, and I will try to include at least 30 minutes of formal exercise. But the best news came on Friday…

I went to the doctor for my Diabetes check-up and found that I had lost 7 lbs!! That was such a boost for me! I knew I was working hard, but it was nice to see that my hard work was paying off. I saw my biometric results yesterday, and they could be better. But I feel confident that this new lifestyle is going to bring all my numbers right where they need to be. My blood glucose is still too high in the morning at 130 and my A1C should be less than 7.0, and it is 7.1. And then there’s that pesky cholesterol that seems to hover around 200, no matter what. But my blood pressure was 120/80, my good cholesterol was high, and my low Vitamin D was back to being normal. So all in all, it was a pretty good visit, and there is definitely hope in my future.

I’m feeling good, supported, and loved. I know I can do this and I feel back on track! Thanks for all the love and all the words of encouragement. And there are definitely more confessions to come!


Uh oh! Confession #5

Well I guess the title tells it all! I was on a high last week and things were going great, and then I was thrust into a jam packed week at work and in my personal life. So, this week I’ve not made the best food decisions, but I did keep my portion sizes under control. I’ve only worked out once this week, and I can definitely tell the difference.

This week taught me that I HAVE to have a game plan for my week. So, this evening I plan to figure out my workout schedule and meal plan for the week. I cannot afford to have another week like last week…even if it is my birthday week. Yep! You read that right. I will not be overindulging in anything for my birthday. There may be a glass of champagne to bring in 31, but that’ll be the extent of my celebration. Not because I don’t love myself or feel like I deserve it, but because I do love myself and want to bring in 32 with the healthiest Michaela since childhood. That means enjoying 31 a little differently…maybe with a run or great workout. I’m definitely willing to make the sacrifice now, and I know I’m the only one who can.

So, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. And definitely keep your encouraging words coming. It’ll definitely help keep December 11 a day of real celebration and happiness this week and every year after that.

More confessions to come!

Staying on my grind! Confession #4

I am so proud of myself! I enjoyed the flavors of Jamaica without overindulging. So now that I am back in the US I wonder, can I keep this going? After seeing my little brother, who is incredibly dedicated to his health and physical shape, I am inspired. I’m going to pause for a second and confess my feelings about my little brother. My scrawny brother has become a man, and it has taken me by surprise. Time moves so fast, and seeing him that way reminded me to live every moment and enjoy it. Even in this process of becoming a healthier me, I’m going to ENJOY every moment of soreness, pain, joy, and accomplishment.

I spent last week eating all kinds of Jamaican food, but I didn’t forget my workouts. They were not as intense, but they were certainly not forgotten. I walked with my Dad to the grocery store and challenged myself to keep a consistent moderate walking speed on the walk up the very steep hill to my brother’s place. I also walked around my brother’s community with my Mom, and did my own version of HIIT (high intensity interval training). I challenged myself to walk up and down the smaller hill, and to incorporate 2 minute periods of running, with 1 minute walks. That went well, but my feet started to cramp after the second run. Now, I’m committed to becoming healthier, but I couldn’t risk being unable to walk during this family getaway. After a brief 3 minute walk, I decided to alternate between 30 second walks and runs for the next 10 minutes. I felt really good afterwards!! It may be that I was running for the first time outside, or maybe that I was running in Jamaica. What I know for sure, is that I pushed myself in a way I haven’t done before. The rest of the week I used the Sworkit Lite app to work my core and my upper body. It seems to work me in a way that gym cannot, so it will probably become a part of my weekly routine.

Finally, I found my 5k race. It will happen on April 25 in Raleigh, and for an awesome cause!! I’ll be running in the March of Dimes Run for Babies 5k. So, I’ve downloaded a couch to 5k app on my phone that I will start using on December 1. It’s going to be a challenge, but after seeing how I can found an awesome balance between enjoying food moderately and exercise, I know I can do it!

Though my family’s Thanksgiving was around a table at Usain Bolt’s restaurant, Tracks and Records, it was one of the best yet. I stayed committed to my health, and managed to get some good workouts in. My new challenges for this new month…my birthday and Christmas. I see success in my future!

More confessions to come!


Food and Family! Confession #3

My family Thanksgiving started last weekend with my aunt and uncle’s visit from Mississippi…and like most families, we had a spread of delicious and mostly unhealthy food. I did pretty good, though I couldn’t resist that slice of strawberry cheesecake. I did manage to squeeze in some workouts…until it was time to pack for my trip to see my brother in Jamaica. The stress of packing, working, and double checking everything took away from my workout time. But I am happy to report that I have improved my running endurance by 100%! I started doing the walk/run thing and accomplished two 2-3 minute runs. My feet started to cramp REALLY bad, so I couldn’t continue. I can honestly say that I am so proud of myself for running…I never thought this would ever be a reality for me, but here I am!

So, my confession for this moment is that I’m here in Jamaica at breakfast with my family on the beach, and I am being SOOOOO good about my diet. I haven’t worked out, but I’m enjoying my Jamaican cuisine in small portions. I’m sure there will be much more to report next week, but until then I’m going to enjoy everyday here at JamRock!

More confessions to come!



What a Week! Confession #2

This week was pretty good! I increased my endurance on the zero pressure elliptical thingy, made some awesome progress with weight training, and pre-registered for a 5k for sometime in the next 6 months. Now, I’ll admit the 5k thing was not me…but my friend challenged me on Facebook, and I am a touch competitive. I don’t back down from challenges very often. However, running in general is my tallest hurdle…more like a brick wall that I refuse to climb. The thing is, I don’t run. It’s so sad really. My nieces and nephews already know…and it makes me a little sad. I overheard them talking not too long ago saying, “Let’s ask Aunt Mick to play tag with us…oh never mind, Aunt Mick doesn’t run.” I mean, who doesn’t want to play, run, and be free with the babies??

So, when my dear friend challenged me to do this 5k, I stepped up and accepted it. I started training the next day…and successfully ran 2 minutes on the treadmill. So, for someone who DOES NOT run EVER, I think that’s pretty good. I’ve also had awesome advice from great athletes and friends. Though my bestest friend that is keeping me going right now is ibuprofen. My knees, back, legs, chest, shoulders, and neck are so sore, it’s ridiculous. I know it’s a sign that I’m getting stronger, but good gracious it’s not easy.

So, here’s what has been helpful in this past week, and what I think will be helpful during this lifestyle change. The app, My Fitness Pal has been great in helping me to keep track of calories and set calorie and fitness goals to meet my ultimate weight loss goal. I also have this app called Sworkite Lite, and it has some amazing exercises you can do without equipment and at in a timeframe that’s convenient for you. Finally, my Netflix app has been amazing at helping me to improve my endurance by distracting me during my workout with some great shows. I was just introduced to the Couch to 5k app, so I’ll let you know how that one goes too.

Your encouragement is amazing and I have never felt so supported in losing weight before. I have some awesome friends, great apps, and new training shoes, and I feel like I can conquer anything. I know it’s gonna get a little tougher before it gets easier, but tough is just part of the victory.

More confessions to come!